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The creator and author of this blog on a wintery hike in the mountains

Welcome!  I'm glad you're here

My name is Grant 

I’m an amateur traveler, adventurer, observer, thinker, explorer and writer.  Not only am I trying to explore this great big world, but I'm attempting to explore my own, as well as the human, condition.  I like to explore boundaries, limitations, possibilities, and everything that this event we call "life" has to offer.  I write about a variety of topics, but only one subject - life, and how we view it.


In October of 2018, I intentionally upended my entire life and altered the course of my existence.  I consciously and deliberately changed the narrative.  I changed my story. 


I didn’t do it alone, though.  I was assisted by a willing accomplice, my girlfriend/partner/significant other and our dog.  We sold our house and everything in it and threw ourselves out into the world to travel, to adventure, to explore, to experience life and see what it had in store for us.  Well, we did have a plan when we started, but things happened.  Things changed and we had to adjust and adapt and figure things out along the way, but we are still out here, spending most of our time living out of our truck and a tent.


When we think of a journey we usually think of an outward action.  Homer’s Odyssey, Marco Polo and the Silk Road, Route 66, landing on a strange planet. But as with all good journeys, this one has become a mental and a spiritual journey as much as a physical one.  This journey has become about boundaries, attachments, and possibilities.  It’s about life.


I began noticing the changes that were occurring within me and I started writing down notes and various thoughts to help me understand and process what was happening on this journey.  Page after page of notes led to me sharing certain things on my own social media page, which led to writing for a slightly larger audience and having a few articles published, which led to what you are reading right now.


When we change course, when we change the direction of our lives, we often come up with new questions.  We may even get new answers to the same old questions.  This journey that began as an outward one has become just as much an inward one.  I am sharing my own personal observations, thoughts, and experiences, not in the hope that you agree with everything I have to say or that you believe as I do.  If anything, my hope is that you may look at things just a little bit differently, from a slightly different perspective.  You don’t need to agree with me, you don’t even have to believe me, but if you happen to find a piece of yourself somewhere in here then welcome to OUR journey.  


This is a journey about life, a life unscripted and a life I chose on purpose.  We all have our own journey to take.  We all have our own story to write. This is my journey.   This is my perspective.  This is my story.  

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