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All It Takes is One

Man watching sunrise at Grand Canyon

Sometimes all it takes is one moment to change the trajectory of everything.

We like to think that if we can just do that ONE thing then ___ will happen.

Maybe if we can get “this” and “that” in order then this will happen.

But we only have this one life. Just one.

Get to know ONE person who you aren’t real fond of.

Do ONE thing that you’ve been avoiding because you’re scared as hell of doing it.

Spend ONE day with no devices or other people around.

Say ONE random nice thing to a total stranger.

Talk to ONE person who has an opposing belief from yours and don’t argue or debate with them, but actively listen and try to understand where they are coming from.

Read ONE book that challenges what you think you know.

It starts by making ONE decision today that is different from every other daily decision that you make without consideration.

One act can start a tsunami; a tidal wave of change.

All it takes is ONE thing to completely change the direction of your life.

We may never know exactly what happened, when it happened, or where it happened.

We may never know where it came from.

But one small act of kindness - one small seemingly insignificant thing - can change the trajectory of our existence.

It could change the narrative.

It could change the game.

It could change everything.

Who knows, it could even change all of humanity.


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