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Look Deeper

Mountina Ball Cactus with snow covered mountains in the background

Society: This is right!

Society: That’s wrong!

Also Society: Be yourself!

You’ve done everything to fit into the box of what a good person should look and sound like.

You’ve met everyone else's standards and expectations -

Society’s expectations.

You’ve worked hard at being accepted and at fitting in and at doing what you were told you should do.

You’ve spent a lifetime trying to prove your worth.

You’ve tried to do everything that was “right”, according to what you were told.

But deep down you know something’s not right.

Something doesn’t make sense.

But everything looks good.

Everything looks as it’s “supposed” to look;

So you just keep going…

Then things don’t work the way you were told they’d work.

Things don’t happen the way you were told they would happen.

Things are not adding up like you were told they would.

What you were told may have worked for them;

It may have worked for that period in time;

But that doesn’t mean it will always and forever work;

That doesn’t mean it will work for you.

But still you press on, even though you feel like you are drowning on the inside.

Your first instinct is to think that the problem is you;

And you never consider that what you were told may be wrong or simply may not work anymore.

Most people, it seems, lack the ability, the desire, or the incentive to question things;

To question themselves;

To look deeper.

Dare to get to know yourself.


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