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Optimism From A Different Angle

woman watching sunset over the ocean from a cliffside

An optimistic person, by definition, is someone who always believes in or looks for the best possible outcome. "Look on the bright side", is a common phrase uttered by an optimist.

Some people believe that an optimistic person only sees unicorns and rainbows and may even be in denial that bad things happen sometimes. But the issue with this type of optimism, as well as with those that they annoy, is that the focus is always external, it's on the circumstances.

But what if we're looking at optimism all wrong?

What if there is another kind of optimist?

Maybe there is a different way of looking for the bright side.

I do believe there is another type of optimist. This type is very well aware that unpleasant things can and do happen. However, their focus is not on what is happening around them but what is happening WITHIN them.

They don't blame external conditions, they know that if they don't have the ability to change a situation then they have the ability to change themselves, to adjust and adapt to be able to deal with the circumstances.

They understand that it's not the circumstances that is the issue but, rather, it's how you view them.

This type of optimist does not ignore the negative. This optimist knows that they have it within themselves to overcome the situation or circumstances.

Life can be hard but this optimist would rather enjoy the journey than dwell on the difficulty.

Maybe I'm just being optimistic, but that seems like a pretty good way to be.

There is strength and empowerment when you realize that you are the bright side to your situation.


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