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silhouette of a person watching the sunset behind mountains

Sometimes I'm full of ideas and can't seem to stop writing. Sometimes I go for days without writing a single thing. This was my very first published writing:

Sometimes I plan very thoroughly and yet nothing seems to work.

Sometimes I make no plans and everything works out perfectly.

Sometimes I make a tiny mistake and it seems like the whole world sees it.

Sometimes I execute flawlessly and no one even notices.

Sometimes I have brilliant ideas.

Sometimes I can't remember my own phone number.

Sometimes I find profound things boring.

Sometimes I find trivial things interesting.

Sometimes the day goes fast and smooth.

Sometimes the day seems long and rough and never ending.

Sometimes my memories bring me joy.

Sometimes my memories bring me sorrow.

Sometimes I am consumed with doubt.

Sometimes I feel incredibly confident.

Sometimes I try real hard but only seem to make it worse.

Sometimes I hardly have to try, yet I can sit back and watch it flow.

Sometimes one minor incident steals my serenity.

Sometimes an upside down day can't take away my joy.

Sometimes I wish I could forget.

Sometimes I wish I could remember.

Sometimes I am aware of every detail.

Sometimes I have no clue what's going on.

Sometimes I feel like I can't win.

Sometimes I feel like I can't lose.

Sometimes there doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason.

Sometimes everything makes perfect sense.

Life is full of sometimes.

Life is a gift. We should appreciate it and embrace it all of the time.

To see it in its published form, click the link


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