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What if…?

person walking on an ocean beach on a foggy morning

Our "what if" questions can restrict us, keeping us preoccupied with worries, fears, and self-doubt, or our "what if" questions can keep us curious, unlock new doors, and nudge us toward exploring possibilities. If we come at them from a different angle and change the way we ask our questions, that will also change the answers that we get.

What if I actually tried to do the things that I don't think I can do?

What if stress is just pressure we don't want to deal with?

What if solving the issue is not the point?

What if there are other options that I did not consider?

What if there are things I don't know about the things I already know?

What if I thought in terms of possibilities rather than absolutes?

What if I ran towards difficulty instead of away from it?

What if fear is just a reaction?

What if my compass is my discomforts?

What if being in a hurry is a big waste of time?

What if it's not that I'm unmotivated, what if it's that my environment is not conducive to change or growth?

What if what I do now affects what I see next?

What if, rather than trying to quiet my mind, I came up with better ways to use it?

What if I discovered that everything that I thought I knew was wrong?

What if we are both right?

What if we are both wrong?

What if this turns out to be the best thing that ever happened to me?

Maybe it's not about finding the right answers, maybe it's about asking the right questions. Life can get interesting when the right questions are asked.

What if we have been asking the wrong "what if " questions all along?


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