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How it Starts

Sun behind a cloud as it rises over an ocean beach

So you went and did something crazy.

Something outrageous; something absurd that you considered to be totally outside of your comfort zone. You listened to all the talks.

You read a lot of the articles and watched a ton of videos about it.

Finally something resonated with you or inspired you.

Then one day it all came together and clicked.

Even though it was something that you still considered to be well outside of your comfort zone, you did it.

You decided to challenge yourself.

Past regrets, doubts, and future fears came rushing in before you started, but you still did it.

Afterwards, you realize nothing seemed to have changed.

You feel like you wasted your time.

The world was still the same and you wonder what the point was, you wonder why you even did it at all.

But you gave yourself an opportunity.

You gave yourself a chance.

You allowed yourself a moment to experience something far more challenging than you would have before - something far greater than you normally allow yourself to.

The world may be the same, but you’re not.

And that’s how it starts.

Photo by Grant Krasner


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