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My name is Grant

In 2018 I sold my house and everything in it to live on the road and see what life had to offer - and I'm still out here. 

In the beginning I found myself way outside of my comfort zone and I started looking inside of myself for comfort - and for answers - but what was discovered went a whole lot deeper. 

When we deliberately change the course of our lives, or put ourselves into new or disparate situations, we often come up with different questions. 


We can also get completely different answers to the same old questions.

But we have to push beyond what we "know" to discover what really is, and what could be.

Somewhere along this journey I began writing down my thoughts and questions and observations and I began to meet myself - a self that I didn't know existed.

Maybe some of these thoughts and questions and observations will connect with someone else in a way that they need, too.

If so...welcome to OUR journey.


All articles on this site were written without the assistance of AI. 

All pictures were taken by myself, my partner, or someone we know.  There are no stock photos on these pages.
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